July 17, 2016

The upcoming change(s) for 2016

Wow, I did not write anything here for a heck of a time! Since I plan to migrate this website to another host, I think it is maybe a good opportunity to give you new insights.

First of all, I needed to sweep the dust that was here. Sweeping the dust is my specialty, so it was not too painful! Hosting this website on a server I do not manage is frustrating, but when you maintain systems all day long, you want to do something else in your spare time. The laziness balance is often stronger, that's why I neglected it. The transition was started and it will involve a few changes (on your side too).

Here we go: all the subdomains will be removed (from files to solyste). With a website like mine and his scale which is kinda limited, it is easier to manage or backup. I'm not talking about TLS, where a single certificate can encrypt the whole website (vs a wildcard or many standalone certificates). I will create this layout:

* ywstd.fr/
    + files/
    + repo/
    + solyste/
    + …

Therefore, you will need to update your bookmarks. For the main blog, it won't be difficult as the blog subdomain was already a simple redirection. The hierarchy inside all those directories will be the same. For example:


will become


I will not say anything about the other host and its OS, because I'm pretty sure the smarter people will be able to know it by themselves. I just tested many softwares before deciding what to adopt.

This switch was also motivated by the new 'wswsh' version that will hit the upstream repository soon, once the required tests are OK.

All those things will be initiated in August and will cause latencies, incomplete content, downtime(s) (mostly due to DNS propagation) or error 404. So, if you notice that 'ypnose' is down in the following weeks, you should not be worried or alarmed…

After all, that article feels incomplete, but do I have to say more?